"Reevaluating the way we see organic residues, by exploring the potential uses they may have"​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Cascara explores the different
properties,  textures,  and colors as a
way to embrace and communicate
the potential value of what is
commonly seen as organic wa s te. With
this project, we can appreciate the
diversity of our natural resources
and the synergy they can have when
combining them to get the best out
of every material .

Rather than presenting these
materials as the future substitute for
textiles currently being used, they
were designed with the purpose of
displaying the beauty of using such
delicate and short-living resources
by creating a strong and lasting
message within the value and tangible
potential there is in perishable and
impermanent objects .

Cascarā dress
Made of :  Pomelo - Mandarin - Spinach - Blackberry - Raspberry  
Bio-textiles Compendium

As part of my project I wanted  to share what I learned so that others can test
 and interact with the materials.
I appreciate people who share their previous knowledge on biomaterials.
 They laid the foundation to my work, and I would love to be part of that 
for the next one who wants to learn more about it.

As a result I made a bio-textiles compendium for sharing the knowledge 
I acquire during this project. Inside the book, you can find all the 
successful recipes I came up with during the semester, observations of each 
one of them; material preparation, and some applications regarding what
 you can create with Cascarā.
The bio-textiles have been tested and they can be laser cutted as well.​​​​​​​

 In the book you can find patterns for laser cutting, such as the examples below.  
Making process video 👆🏻

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